HMI is a world leader in organizing programs with the overall goal of developing innovators in health professions education (HPE). About 100 scholars participate each year in each of the 4 programs. In addition, alumni participate as returning scholars and faculty for each of the programs. Thus, the HMI community is an incredibly rich source for ideas, innovations and scholarship.

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The HMI leadership is keen to expand the scholarly activities of the institute (HMI leaders, faculty and scholars) utilizing this group to formulate important study questions, data collection and analysis and advance the field of education overall. Additionally, this would continue to build the community of educational scholars as well as mentors for scholars.

Core Committee

Subha Ramani, MBBS, PhD, MMEd, MPH

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD

Holly Gooding, MD, MSc
Study Design and Protocol Review

Each HMI scholar or returning scholar who would like to conduct studies using the alumni group will write up a brief proposal including as many of the elements below:

  • Problem statement and its importance
  • Study questions
  • Why HMI community is the best population to study
  • Brief study design
  • What data is to be collected
  • Timeline
  • Mentoring plan
  • Collaborators
  • How the study will benefit HMI
  • How the study will benefit scholarship in the field of continuing professional development
  • A small group of core HMI faculty will review each study proposal to ensure that the study design and protocol are appropriate and will advance HMI mission.
  • HMI faculty with the right expertise will provide guidance on study protocol.
  • IRB- the PI of the study will submit IRB application to their own institution. All studies need to be submitted even for exempt decisions if the intent is to present or write up the results.

  • Collaborative Mindset
  • We expect that scholars and returning scholars will work collaboratively with each other and at least one core HMI faculty with expertise in the area of study
  • If a team is working on more than project on one major topic, it would be a win-win situation to have different scholars rotate lead authorship.
  • The team will communicate with each other regularly including conference calls and emails and meet in person if applicable during the HMI courses.
  • Team conflicts will be openly discussed and resolved to maintain a collaborative scholarly mindset.

  • Scholarly Output
  • The Institute leadership would prefer if at least one core HMI faculty participates and provides oversight of the study, as HMI can be considered analogous to a research lab with the leadership being directors of the lab.
  • Authorship guidelines- will follow usual research ethical principles- only those who participate in study design, data collection and analysis and write-up should be included as authors. The order should reflect authors’ involvement in and contribution to the study.
  • Search the Harvard Macy Institute site.

    Scholar Experiences

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