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#HMIChat is a monthly twitter chat—a global community of practice focused on health professions education and curated by Harvard Macy Institute Scholars. Our aim is to connect HMI scholars around the world, to continue the conversations, and learn from and with each other. Our growing community would like to invite you to connect with others by joining the health professions education hot topics discussions. Welcome!

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harvardmacy What are some methods we can utilize to encourage clinician educator professional development? #HMIChat #MedEd #HPE twitter.com/RickHobbsMD/status/1123765954029260804
07:00PM May 02
harvardmacy What can be done to encourage trust between teacher and learner as part of clinical teaching? #MedEd #HPE #HMIChat twitter.com/DrJoannaT/status/1123761480107737091
05:00PM May 02
harvardmacy What can we in #MedEd and #HPE do to encourage all clinical faculty to prioritize their development as educators? #HMIChat twitter.com/KreuterMD/status/1123762186264940545
02:30PM May 02
harvardmacy #HMIchat #HPE #MedEd - have you considered joining us for our #HealthCare Education 2.0 #HMIHCE course in October? #OnlineLearning #InfoManagement #EdTech Faculty include @RoyPhit @Neil_Mehta @erhall1 @KGBrandom @ChristineMai15 Applications open now! bit.ly/2swhCIs pic.twitter.com/A9x2CZ2g0i
12:00PM May 02
harvardmacy Our moderator for tonight's #HMIchat is @DrJoannaT ! She holds a MBBS & PhD in peer learning, & is Research Fellow with @CRADLEdeakin , studying #feedback , #evaluativejudgement , & #peerlearning on #clinicalplacements & in #highered . Also a Senior @AdvanceHE Fellow. #MedEd #HPE
01:00AM May 02

#HMIChat Team

Learn about our curators, building a community of engaged and experienced educators.

Elissa Hall

medical educator. passionate about teaching & technology. forever curious. tweets my own. #HMIchat curator, #MayoClinicETF team, #theCGEA committee

Teresa Sörö

#MedEd -ucator and #PICU nurse. #activelearning and #digped is a drive. Curating #HMIchat and hosting #MedEdTalk. Tweets are my own and my opinions can change:-)

Justin Kreuter

Pathologist @MayoClinic: transfusion medicine & transplant compatibility laboratory. #HMIeducators 2016.

For each of us that has taken a Harvard Macy course, our time in that egg-shaped incubator of a room in Boston was truly special. We want to continue our interactions, draw inspiration from and continue to contribute back to our Harvard Macy community. Given the importance of social interaction in all Harvard Macy courses, Twitter has become our tool of choice for #HMIchat. Twitter enables both synchronous dialogue and ongoing asynchronous discussion. Please join us on Twitter—together we can maintain our nurturing community of practice!
--The HMI Chat Team

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#HMIChat is a global outreach project curated by Harvard Macy Institute Scholars who all share a passion for medical education and social media outreach. We encourage you to participate in our ongoing medical education outreach through #HMChat activities and consider the Harvard Macy Institute when you plan your ongoing professional education.
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