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#HMIChat is a monthly twitter chat—a global community of practice focused on health professions education and curated by Harvard Macy Institute Scholars. Our aim is to connect HMI scholars around the world, to continue the conversations, and learn from and with each other. Our growing community would like to invite you to connect with others by joining the health professions education hot topics discussions. Welcome!

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harvardmacy Thank you to all who attended our #HMIHCE course and followed along via social media! This is your community - please stay connected! Safe travels home. #MedEd #HPE #AcMed #HMIChat MT @erhall1 @RoyPhit @Neil_Mehta @teresasoro @keefer007 @greyscalespaces @LFCC_Andres @lnewman4742 pic.twitter.com/SqYAEb0N4u
04:00PM Oct 19
harvardmacy Our newest community blog post is by @AtipongPath and considers how native english speakers can be aware of communication barriers and work to remedy them. #MedEd #HPE #AcMed #HMIchat check it out here: bit.ly/2IxbmYj pic.twitter.com/I7PdCsqT41
12:00PM Oct 07
harvardmacy Should we be thinking like #QI or research specialists when developing #FacDev - planning our educational activities around outcome measures? #HMIchat #MedEd #HPE #AcMed MT @TChanMD twitter.com/TChanMD/status/1047655393097371648
08:00PM Oct 04
harvardmacy When developing #FacDev , have you thought about where your outcome measures fall on a triangle of outcomes? What are you doing and how do the outcomes align? MT @KomalBajajMD #HMIchat #MedEd #HPE #AcMed twitter.com/KomalBajajMD/status/1047655886997610497
06:00PM Oct 04
harvardmacy In thinking about #facdev , have you checked out this paper by our Director Liz Armstrong? #LogicModel #MedEd #AcMed #HPE #HMIchat twitter.com/bheather95/status/1047657858890907648
02:00PM Oct 04

#HMIChat Team

Learn about our curators, building a community of engaged and experienced educators.

Elissa Hall

medical educator. passionate about teaching & technology. forever curious. tweets my own. #HMIchat curator, #MayoClinicETF team, #theCGEA committee

Teresa Sörö

#MedEd -ucator and #PICU nurse. #activelearning and #digped is a drive. Curating #HMIchat and hosting #MedEdTalk. Tweets are my own and my opinions can change:-)

Justin Kreuter

Pathologist @MayoClinic: transfusion medicine & transplant compatibility laboratory. #HMIeducators 2016.

For each of us that has taken a Harvard Macy course, our time in that egg-shaped incubator of a room in Boston was truly special. We want to continue our interactions, draw inspiration from and continue to contribute back to our Harvard Macy community. Given the importance of social interaction in all Harvard Macy courses, Twitter has become our tool of choice for #HMIchat. Twitter enables both synchronous dialogue and ongoing asynchronous discussion. Please join us on Twitter—together we can maintain our nurturing community of practice!
--The HMI Chat Team

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#HMIChat is a global outreach project curated by Harvard Macy Institute Scholars who all share a passion for medical education and social media outreach. We encourage you to participate in our ongoing medical education outreach through #HMChat activities and consider the Harvard Macy Institute when you plan your ongoing professional education.
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