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#MedEdPearls January 2018 Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice:  Your BEST Professional Development Tool

With the start of a new year and scores of self-improvement resolutions underway, what better time to think about resources to help attain your goals and avoid barriers that might impede success in your self-improvement efforts.

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Maximizing your Networking Time at Harvard Macy

Harvard Macy is a community of educators and leaders dedicated to transforming healthcare education. In addition to being a top course in research, teaching, and learning in health professions education, Harvard Macy is itself a community of practice – a group of people who share a craft and/or a profession – and thus a prime opportunity to grow your professional network. 

What can you do to embrace networking while a Harvard Macy scholar? Here are 8 tips to consider: 

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Taking Care of Y-O-U in the New Year


Blog co-authors: Kristina Dzara and Beth Pegg Frates

As we enter 2018, the field of health professions education is embracing the notion that we must encourage wellbeing and resilience, and work to empower ourselves, our colleagues, and our learners to prioritize self-care.

A busy schedule with multiple time demands can make the goal of effective work-life integration seem elusive – if not impossible. But it is possible when you are equipped with effective tips and tools that guide you to practice routine exercise, restful sleep, stress resilience, and healthy eating. Certainly, there is no magic pill for a healthy lifestyle. In this post, we offer a few strategies you can implement today. Even small changes have the ability to impact your life in a big way.

 1) Stress: Stress is “an innate survival response in which certain hormones are released, increasing blood flow to the brain or heart. The stress response leads to an energy surge, enabling a person to flee dangerous situations. Ongoing stress, however, can sap energy and damage health.” Some stress is good for us, and in fact can help us get in a work zone. Yet, when the tensions run high at work, we can benefit from an “in the moment” stress reduction technique that works. Here is an easy suggestion:

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#HMIchat December 2017 – Cost and Value in Health Professions Education

Jonathan Foo, Margaret Hay, Stephen Maloney

Cost and value are so pervasive in our day to day decision-making, that it often slips by unnoticed. The December #HMIChat brought the concepts of cost and value in medical education out of the dark and kicked it around like an old wallet – yielding an insightful and passionate discussion touching upon the themes of understanding value in the context of contemporary teaching and learning practices, applying cost and value deliberately with appropriate measurement, and developing a common language for cost and value.

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#MedEdPearls December 2017 Sharing Stories

What’s your story: the power of narrative medicine?
Inspiration for this #MedEdPearls goes to @annieweisman1 & @dmullinsdms from their recent storytelling workshop at The Generalists in Medical Education.

 Storytelling is a communication method that has stood the test of time.  Its use in medical education is seen across the continuum to engender motivation to learn on topics across a diverse spectrum: empathy, well-being, professionalism, reflection, etc. 

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Narrative medicine and cogniti...

Story telling fits wonderfully into how the human brain learns and remembers and also interprets and predicts experiences. Storie... Read More
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 10:10 PM
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