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Medical Education and Global Health

As the Harvard Macy Institute and the field of health professions education have developed over the last 25 years, there has been a parallel growth in funding and scholarship within the equally multidisciplinary field of global health. Education and global health increasingly interconnect, and herein I discuss some of their fruitful crossings and lay out a vision of where the overlap between the two fields may lead.


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MultiPOD Mentoring and Global ...

Perhaps a virtual mentoring program could complement and further strengthen your activities in LMICs? Please take a look at our w... Read More
Tuesday, 28 May 2019 4:04 PM
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You have heard of microaggressions—“everyday subtle put downs directed towards a marginalized group which may be verbal or non-verbal and are typically automatic.” When these actions happen, whether in or out of the classroom, we’re often at a loss for how to address them.

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Reflections Across the Career Continuum, One Year Post-Harvard Macy

In 2018, Cathy Grossman and Lekshmi Santhosh completed the Harvard Macy Program for Educators in the Health Professions. They were frequent seat mates in the back row. While there, they discovered they were both Pulmonary and Critical Care trained – but at different places temporally in their careers. They were also both clinician educators, however Lekshmi was in her fellowship while Cathy was a decade out of fellowship. We thought it would be interesting to ask them some questions about their experience and how they were both able to apply their new knowledge at their home institutions, at two distinctly different points in their careers.

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Behind the Curtain with Vinny Arora & Nirvani Goolsarran: Bridging Leaders

Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation Faculty Scholar and 2018 Scholar Vineet Arora, M.D., recently accepted the new Associate Chief Medical Officer-Clinical Learning Environment role at the University of Chicago Medicine. Vineet previously worked in graduate medical education to improve the clinical learning environment for residents and fellows by aligning institutional priorities with the work that trainees do on a daily basis. She is expanding this work to the whole health system, in her role as a “bridging leader.” She recently completed the Program in Health Professions Educators with Nirvani Goolsarran, an Associate Internal Medicine Program Director at Stony Brook University Hospital who is also a bridging leader in quality and education and active in the growing bridging leader community. We thought it would be interesting to ask them some questions about bridging leaders and how they were able to apply their knowledge gained at the course to these new roles.

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Scholar Testimonials of the Leadership and Innovation in Health Professions Course, Melbourne, Australia 2019

Our fourth iteration of the Leadership and Innovation in Health course was successfully held in February 2019 at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

The Harvard Macy Institute, in collaboration with the Monash Institute for Health and Clinical Education brought together faculty and scholars from across Australia and internationally to share their expertise and innovative responses to global health care and education challenges.

The response from our scholars was overwhelmingly positive with many enthusiastically providing testimonials to celebrate their successful learnings from the course, and their anticipated changes to their practice from these learnings.

We are proud to welcome another group of motivated health care professionals to the Harvard Macy Institute global community of practice.

Click here to learn more about our course and register your interest for Leadership and Innovation in Health, Melbourne, Australia, February 10-14, 2020. 

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