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#MedEdPearls September 2018 - A different approach to questioning

Looking for a quick, engaging activity for your course? Try a slightly different approach to using questions that facilitates peer instruction, promotes deeper learning, and allows for knowledge application. Similar to Team-based Learning, this activity can also give student teams an opportunity to provide rationale for their responses while also providing you feedback on how well students are understanding the material.

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Guest — Tiffany Tsang

great article

great article
Tuesday, 11 September 2018 7:07 PM
Lori R. Newman


Great article and an interesting way to assess your learners' knowledge and engage in peer teaching.
Tuesday, 02 October 2018 12:12 AM
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The Role of Formal Training in Medical Education: New Pathways to Medical Education

Since my early years in medical school I have understood that teaching was one of the skills a physician should have. Teaching patients, families, and multi-disciplinary teams is a daily and complex activity. What shall we say then about teaching prospective doctors? Is it a higher calling, an inherent talent impossible to be taught and learned? Or is it a teachable skill itself?

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Disrupting Health Professions Education…What we learned from this month’s #HMIChat

We had a lively discussion during this month’s #HMIChat about disruptive innovation focused on health professions education. We discussed many sustaining innovations as well, and highlighted the difference between the two. For those interested in reading more check out the pre-reading for the chat. Obviously, the @HarvardMacy and #MedEd community at large is eager to innovate, whether it be sustaining or disruptive and quite frankly we need both types!

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Gregg Wells

Med ed innovations must be con...

Medical education innovations need to be consistent with how humans learn in isolation and in groups. Individualized education po... Read More
Saturday, 01 September 2018 9:09 PM
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Behind the Curtain with Victoria Brazil: How hard can it be?

At the 2018 Program for Educators, faculty member Victoria Brazil led a professional development session for course faculty intended to prompt reflection on our career trajectories. Victoria asked a series of six questions to our faculty members, and we thought our Harvard Macy blog readers would enjoy hearing Victoria’s answers to the same questions.

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#MedEdPearls August 2018 - Questioning to assist in Supervision Levels and Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs)

What levels of supervision are required for physician trainees? This month’s #MedEdPearl focuses on faculty supervision levels using a prospective, summative entrustment scale that fosters physician trainee progression toward autonomy.  As trusting propensity is an important component in supervision and entrustment, ten Cate and colleagues have developed an easily understood model for communicating aspects of entrustment through level of supervision for trainee assessment. The model describes elements of progression and decision-making that can foster autonomy in the learner.  As a complement to ten Cate's model, the #MedEdPearls team offers the following questions to quickly assess the required level of supervision for a learner while encouraging learner growth.

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