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What was discussed during #HMIchat April 2017

​What was discussed during this month's #HMIchat on Impactful Scholary Presentations in #meded with Keith Wilson and Mandi Sehgal

Our 15th twitter chat began on Wednesday, April 5th and continued to Thursday, April 6th. 
This #hmichat was focused on giving impactful scholarly presentations!
We're fortunate to have Dr. Keith Wilson & Dr. Mandi Sehgal facilitate this tweet chat 

• What was inspirational about the best presentation you attended? • What do you consider challenging when presenting your scholarly work?

• How do you make use of collaborators in presenting scholarly work? • How can we, your HMIchat peers, help you with your scholarly presentation? 

These questions and more drove an interesting discussion.

Please leave your feedback below! We hope to improve the value of these reflections.

Join our Harvard Macy community for the next tweet chat starting May 3rd at 9 pm EST.
We will discuss Systems Thinking in Assessment 

Hosted by: 
Andrew Linn (Assessment '12, Leaders '13, Digital '15)
Brent Thoma (Educators '14, Assessment '14)
Zineb Nouns (Assessment '14, Leaders '16)

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