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#HMIchat December 2017 – Cost and Value in Health Professions Education

Jonathan Foo, Margaret Hay, Stephen Maloney

Cost and value are so pervasive in our day to day decision-making, that it often slips by unnoticed. The December #HMIChat brought the concepts of cost and value in medical education out of the dark and kicked it around like an old wallet – yielding an insightful and passionate discussion touching upon the themes of understanding value in the context of contemporary teaching and learning practices, applying cost and value deliberately with appropriate measurement, and developing a common language for cost and value.

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#HMIChat November 2017: Social Media in Medical and Health Professional Education

Guest Moderator Dr Lauren Licatino reflects on last month’s #HMIchat about what value Social Media can bring to Medical and Health Profession Education. The chat was rich, with lots of discussions and a large amount of both scientific and practical tips emerged.

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#HMIchat October 2017: “Learners-as-Educators


The Caffe Nero on Longwood Avenue couldn’t have been a more perfect place to reflect with Teresa Soro and Elissa Hall on the October #HMIChat I moderated, and not just because of the great lattes. October’s chat on “Learners-as-Educators” discussed how to develop health professions learners at every level into teachers themselves. I love the pay-it-forward nature of this idea, that everyone has something to contribute to and to inspire the next generation of learners. It had been at Caffe Nero that I decided--as a trainee--to dedicate my career to medical education, so returning there to talk about this topic resonated deeply.

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#HMIchat September 2017- The “Post-AMEE chat”

During AMEE 2017 there were a few recurring concepts. One of them was Equity and how we, within health professions education, can both be more aware of our own biases and promote equity in health professions education. The subject resonated with a lot of us HMI alumni that attended the conference and we decided to see what our HMI community thought via our September Tweet Chat. 

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What was discussed during the #HMIchat August 2017 on - What does it take to be a #MedEd Leader?

What was discussed during the #HMIchat August 2017 - What does it take to be a #MedEd Leader

Our 19th twitter chat was on Wednesday (August 2nd), at 9 pm eastern standard time. 

The chat was moderated by:Komal Bajaj (Assessment '14/ Leaders '16) 

Questions that were focused on: 
Q1: What are the attributes of a great leader?
Q2: What stategies/tools have you used to develop your own leadership?
Q3: What are effective ways to teach/train others about leadership?
Q4: What are the key questions to ask our team and our organization to continue to develop?

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Moderator bio:
Komal Bajaj is a perpetual learner, OB/GYN-geneticist, simulationista, and quality-improvement enthusiast. She is Clinical Director of New York City's Health + Hospital's Simulation Center and practices clinically in the Bronx. @komalbajajMD

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