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Sandra Keller

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Sandra Keller, PhD is a work and organizational psychologist. Sandra currently holds a position as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Bern University Hospital in Switzerland. Sandra’s areas of professional interest include teamwork and tensions in the operating room. Sandra can be followed on LinkedIn or e-mail.

The Challenge of Giving and Receiving Feedback in the Operating Room

Verbal feedback from senior surgeons represents an essential part of surgical training. As an organizational psychologist who has spent time observing and measuring communication in the operating room (OR), I have observed a great deal of feedback from surgeons to surgical residents, students or more junior team members; most were constructive and expressed respectfully. However, in some cases, I observed feedback that seemed unsupportive and challenging to interpret, such as: “No, no, you should do this like this and not like this [showing how to handle an instrument], as I already told you twice. You are still working like an intern.”

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