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Mobola Campbell-Yesufu, MD MPH

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Mobola Campbell-Yesufu, MD, MPH (Educators ’17) is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and medical educator at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She has developed a curriculum on Social Determinants of Health for Internal Medicine residents and is currently developing a clinical scholars program on health equity and advocacy for GME trainees. Mobola can be followed on Twitter at @mcampyes.


Teaching about Health Equity and Advocacy? Consider the Hidden Curriculum

Our best intentions and goals as health professions educators can be easily undone or reinforced by the hidden curriculum.

As the intern completed her presentation on rounds, she said, “Dr. Campbell, this is Ms. Williams’* third admission in three weeks. She is clinically stable and can be discharged today but I’m worried she will soon be back in the hospital.” Imagine with me two possible scenarios: the first where the team discounts the intern’s fears and pushes for a quick discharge; the second where the team stops to explore what non-medical issues might be contributing to the patient’s readmissions, and works with the social worker to connect the patient with resources that help address those issues. What lesson does the intern learn from scenario one versus scenario two? Which hidden curriculum is at play in each scenario?

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