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Leslie R Ellis, MD, MSHPEd, FACP

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Leslie Renee Ellis, MD, MSHPEd, FACP (Educators, ’13; 20th Anniversary Symposium, ’14; Assessment, ’14; Leaders, ’15) is a medical educator and leukemia specialist. Leslie currently holds a position as Associate Professor of Medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Health. Leslie's areas of professional interest include the Kolb cycle, assessment, resilience, and wellness. Leslie can be followed on Twitter at or via email.

Reflections of a Facilitator: Why I Come Back Each Year, or How My Life is One Big Kolb Cycle

As this year's Harvard Macy Program for Educators in Health Professions course drew to a close, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Harvard Macy Institute, I spent some extra time reflecting on what I learned this year, and why I keep coming back. The answer, I realized, surprised me.

I first came to the course in 2013 as a scholar. Like many others, I was in awe of the learning environment, and overwhelmed by the work. I spent long days and nights trying to keep up with the readings and assignments, and faced the humbling experience of having my project, which I had worked so hard on, get (significantly) revised by the new information I was taking in. When I left, I was physically and emotionally drained, yet I couldn't wait to come back. What was wrong with me?

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