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Kenya V. Beard, EdD, AGACNP, CNE, ANEF, FAAN

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Kenya V. Beard, EdD, AGACNP-BC, NP-C, CNE, ANEF, FAAN is an Associate Professor at CUNY School of Professional Studies in NY and a 2012 Josiah Macy Faculty Scholar. Kenya is also a Senior Fellow at the Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement at the George Washington School of Nursing where she blogs and has co-produced HealthCetera segments for WBAI radio. She can be followed on Twitter @DrKBeard.


What is the Silent Scream that Disrupts a Culture of Safety?

Like a tree that falls in the woods, yet no one hears it; a silent scream is the muting of voices and rejection of alternative perspectives to maintain a single monolithic reality.                                 K. Beard

Several years ago, I visited a family member who had undergone a partial nephrectomy. As I entered Randy’s (fictitious name) room, I immediately saw what I interpreted to be signs of distress. Randy’s mouth was open, yet he uttered no words. His eyes had a fixed downward gaze, and his facial expressions portrayed a hint of fear that coalesced with discomfort. The image, coupled with the rapid yet shallow rise and fall of his chest, pushed me out of my comfort zone. Was I interpreting these cues correctly? I whispered, “Are you ok?” Randy’s response solidified my suspicions.

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