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Georgina Anne Parkes Willetts

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Georgina Willetts, PhD, RN, RM, FACN, CMgr FIML (Educators, ’15; Leaders ‘16) is a Registered Nurse and health professions educator and researcher. Georgina currently holds a position as Associate Professor and Head of Discipline & Course Director in Nursing in the Department of Health Professions at Swinburne University of Technology. Georgina’s areas of professional interest include professional identities in healthcare, interprofessional education, and medical/surgical patient centered care. Georgina can be followed on Twitter, LinkedIn, or via email gwilletts@swin.edu.au

Reflecting Upon My Harvard Macy Journey

In this post, I will share a brief story of my journey since I first joined the Harvard Macy Institute community in 2015. I have heard from other faculty that it can take a few years after attending a Harvard Macy Institute course to establish real change at our local institutions. Certainly, this was true for me, as I embarked upon the challenge to develop a new nursing department at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. There is no doubt that this was not for the faint hearted, as starting a new department in nursing education at a University with no history of healthcare professions education was a real challenge! We are now at the end of our first year of our undergraduate nursing program with plans to move into the postgraduate space within the next three years! So far, all signs indicate that this has been a very successful process as our students and industry partners have provided us with really positive evaluations. I believe there have been a number of ‘secrets to our successes’, and I will spotlight three significant ones in this post:

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