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David Keegan

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David Keegan is the associate dean of faculty development at the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary.  He is an academic family physician and the founding editor of the open-access Shared Canadian Curriculum in Family Medicine (sharcfm.com).  At the moment of writing this brief bio, he is packing up for an awesome camping adventure with his wife and three kids at Dinosaur Provincial Park (yes, it has real dinosaur fossils - totally cool).

Rocket Fuel

I finished my family medicine residency training in 1997 and entered practice right away in the small fishing community of Placentia in Newfoundland and Labrador.  I was keen on comprehensive family medicine and razor-sharp-keen to teach it.  It was a delight to lead the development of Placentia into the most popular site for medical students from Memorial University of Newfoundland to do their mandatory rural family medicine rotation.  We were also thrilled to bring back Placentia as a four-month mandatory rural resident training site, also becoming the most popular for that group.


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