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Chris Stewart-Patterson H. MD

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Dr. Stewart-Patterson has practiced Occupational Medicine since 1989, specializing in fitness to work evaluations for safety critical/sensitive occupations such as police, firefighters, correction officers, sheriffs and railway personnel. He is an instructor for the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine lecturing on assessment of disability and fitness to work and clinical instructor in the Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia.et

CME on your smartphone? Meeting practicing professionals' needs

I came to Harvard Macy with the goal of developing an engaging and interactive continuing medical education (CME) online module for mobile devices. Existing literature around mobile medical education notes participants value the ability to find information in a format, such as a mobile device, that is best suited for their learning needs or preferences at the time. Learning time is increasingly seen as a type of resource or commodity, and users want convenience and ease of access to CME. Offering CME learning on mobile devices allows audiences to access it during downtimes, such as bus or rail commuting.

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