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Julie A. Bridges

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Julie A. Bridges, B.S., M.S. Ed., Ph.D. (Assessment, ’18) is an instructional designer for clinical education and also teaches the Applied Learning Theory course in the doctoral program in Medical and Health Professions Education at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. Julie’s professional interests include generative learning, cognitive load, wellness, and serving as the assistant editor of the online Journal of Applied Instructional Design. Julie can be followed on LinkedIn, Twitter, or contacted via email.


Teaching First, Technology Second: Using Learning Theory to Make it Work (Easily)

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with technology, and it often involves standing in front of a bunch of intelligent students while technology fails us. As educators, how can we prevent this from happening? A recommendation is to choose your instructional strategy first, investigate the theory behind the strategy second, and then pick the technology that affords you benefits you would not get with the old methods. In this blog post, I offer strategies for doing this, and provide a short list of common strategies related to theory, then matched with technology benefits.


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