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It’s the journey, not the publication

In 2011, as a recent graduate and a new faculty member, I attended the Macy program with an eagerness to become enculturated into a global learning community and an excitement to launch my academic career.

My project was ambitious and probably too big of an undertaking for someone fresh out of training. I was seeking to correlate our home-grown milestone-based evaluation system with a validated test of emotional intelligence. My project group was intrigued by this idea and contributed constructive suggestions to help me move forward. I left the Macy program convinced that my project would be a smashing success.

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Educators Find Community of Practice Pretty Tweet!

Authors: Justin Kreuter, Elissa Hall, Teresa Soro

Imagine being part of a network of engaged and experienced medical educators. Imagine being able to tap into the collective wisdom of this network while navigating your projects. Imagine being able to directly help others in this network by sharing your experience. Imagine the feeling of inspiration that comes from belongingness and mutual commitment. Imagine no more. . . we are building a community of engaged and experienced educators just as we speak!

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Taking Harvard Macy Back Home: Implementing Spaced Education in a Pharmacy Curriculum

As a clinician educator and classroom teacher, I'm fortunate to work with my pharmacy students at both ends of the educational spectrum – the didactic and the experiential years in training. In clinic, I often get frustrated at my stud...
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Joining the HMI “System” - a Community of Learning

When Marg Hay, Monash University, and Holly Gooding, Harvard Medical School, asked me to write a blog post about my experience in the Harvard Macy Institute Systems Approach to Assessment in Health Professionals Education course, my immediate response was ‘of course, but why?’ The response was surprisingly simple. As a new scholar, I am now part of the Harvard Macy Institute community, and thus, my reflections are respected and valued.

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Frederick R Carrick

A brilliant post by Kristina ...

A brilliant post by Kristina who amazingly has charted the thoughts experienced by everyone in attendance. Why was she asked to... Read More
Thursday, 24 March 2016 9:09 PM
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20th Anniversary Video Blog Series: A Community of Innovators by Thomas Aretz

Educating to Innovate in Healthcare:
Twenty Years of The Harvard Macy Institute

​​The Harvard Macy Institute was unique in the continuing professional development field when it was created in 1994 as an inter-professional, international incubator for innovators in healthcare education. Over the past twenty years, the Institute has been an engine of change in education, creating innovation-inspiring communities including over 3,500 scholars representing more than 800 institutions across the globe, including over 170 institutions that sent five or more faculty. Today, alumni innovations are enhancing the care of patients worldwide.

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