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20th Anniversary Video Blog Series: A Community of Innovators by Thomas Aretz

Educating to Innovate in Healthcare:
Twenty Years of The Harvard Macy Institute

​​The Harvard Macy Institute was unique in the continuing professional development field when it was created in 1994 as an inter-professional, international incubator for innovators in healthcare education. Over the past twenty years, the Institute has been an engine of change in education, creating innovation-inspiring communities including over 3,500 scholars representing more than 800 institutions across the globe, including over 170 institutions that sent five or more faculty. Today, alumni innovations are enhancing the care of patients worldwide.

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CME on your smartphone? Meeting practicing professionals' needs

I came to Harvard Macy with the goal of developing an engaging and interactive continuing medical education (CME) online module for mobile devices. Existing literature around mobile medical education notes participants value the ability to find information in a format, such as a mobile device, that is best suited for their learning needs or preferences at the time. Learning time is increasingly seen as a type of resource or commodity, and users want convenience and ease of access to CME. Offering CME learning on mobile devices allows audiences to access it during downtimes, such as bus or rail commuting.

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HMI Assessment 2016: A Global Adventure

Although this is my sixth “A Systems Approach to Assessment in Health Professions Education” course, my sense of excited anticipation is as strong today as it was when I first participated in this course in 2010. What a privilege it is to sit in the conference centre rotunda amongst 64 scholars and 34 faculty, from 51 schools across 12 countries.

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Breaking down hierarchical relationships: A nurse’s perspective

As a little girl, my friends and I would line up my stuffed animals and listen intently to their hearts and tummies, check their ears for hidden treasures, and diagnose a plethora of make-believe health problems during the process.  Childhood entertainment found in my hometown in Eastern North Carolina was often limited to outside play and imagination rather than on-demand movies, home computers or social media platforms frequently found today.  I often think that those innocent, imaginative games laid the foundation for my appreciation of working on a team and fostered my on-going commitment to caring for, and serving, others.   As young children engaged in magical play, we shared a common goal of “caring” for our make-believe friends.  While our skill sets were questionable by today’s standards, we were confidant and committed to working together to improve the outcomes of those battered stuffed animals—we were a team.

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This is a well-written article -- the author has taken the time to start off with a vivid personal anecdote, and then move into an... Read More
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Transformation: a buzzword word or something more?

Transformation is a bit of a buzzword word these days.  Transformation of healthcare to meet the Triple AIM; transformation of graduate medical education (GME) in the Next Accreditation System; transformation of healthcare delivery with interprofessional practice.  But, at the Harvard Macy Institute we dug deep with personal transformation, which I propose is the essential ingredient for true healthcare transformation.

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