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Rocket Fuel

I finished my family medicine residency training in 1997 and entered practice right away in the small fishing community of Placentia in Newfoundland and Labrador.  I was keen on comprehensive family medicine and razor-sharp-keen to teach it.  It was a delight to lead the development of Placentia into the most popular site for medical students from Memorial University of Newfoundland to do their mandatory rural family medicine rotation.  We were also thrilled to bring back Placentia as a four-month mandatory rural resident training site, also becoming the most popular for that group.


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Educating future educators: A teaching and learning course designed using evidenced-based educational research

Did you get the user’s guide on your first day on the job as an assistant professor?  Having trouble remembering?  Let me help…you receive this manual when you become a new faculty member.  This important guide has all the information one needs to be an effective educator. 

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A new career and an old challenge

After 20 years as a busy internist with a passion for medical student education, I was thrilled when Marti Grayson, the Dean for Medical Education at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine offered to send me to the Harvard Macy Course for Educators in the Health Professions. As soon as I arrived I felt like I had found my people. Although this has been said many times, the experience of being in the rotunda, with a nice cup of coffee listening to people from all over the world hash out the same educational problems I faced at my job, was life changing. I quickly made great friends and just as quickly realized how much I didn’t know about medical education.  

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Honored to count you among our...

This is a beautiful example of how great educators can have a huge impact. We at the MGH Institute of Health Professions (www.mgh... Read More
Tuesday, 03 May 2016 9:09 PM
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The Professional for Tomorrow’s Healthcare

I joined the National Healthcare Group (NHG), Singapore in 2010 as the administrative director overseeing graduate medical education.  Just a year later I had the privilege of joining my NHG clinician educator colleagues for the HMI “A Systems Approach to Assessment in Health Professions Education” and “Leading Innovations in Health Care & Education” programs.  That marked the beginning of my tremendous learning journey as part of a multi-professional, multi-disciplinary (I am an Engineer by training) team and community to build health professions education in NHG.

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Social Medicine: An Essential Part of Medical Education

Authors: Jennifer Kasper, MD, MPH; Khin-Kyemon Aung HMS Class of 2019, Chris Murray HMS Class of 2019, Cameron Nutt HMS Class of 2019, Danielle Rabinowitz HMS Class of 2019

Medicine strives to be a healing profession. To heal, we need an understanding of the pathophysiology of disease, but we also need an awareness and understanding of so much more. Why are some people more likely to suffer a triple burden: they are the most likely to be ill, the least likely to have access to diagnostics and therapeutics that would ameliorate disease and suffering as expeditiously as possible, and most likely to suffer the worst outcomes as a consequence of their illness?

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