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Kristina Dzara, Ph.D.

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Kristina Dzara, PhD is a 2016 Harvard Macy Scholar, currently in her second year of a Masters of Medical Science (MMSc) in Medical Education program at Harvard Medical School. Previously, she worked at both Yale University School of Medicine and Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. Her scholarly interests center on learner assessment, program evaluation, social media, and educational scholarship. In her spare time, Kristina enjoys traveling, Netflix, and spending time with her husband.  

All A-twitter: 5 Tips to Build Your Twitter Presence as a Medical Educator

This blog originally appeared The Medical Educator Blog on June 13, 2017 and is republished here with permission http://www.themedicaleducator.com/blog/950165/all-a-twitter-5-tips-to-build-your-twitter-presence-as-a-medical-educator


A few years ago, my husband noted that more and more professional conferences had hashtags and suggested it might be wise for the two of us as early career academics to grow our professional Twitter presence. Admittedly, it took me a while to get on board as I’m not always an “early adopter” and I wasn’t quite sure how using Twitter would benefit me professionally. At times, the constant feed of new tweets seemed overwhelming and I wasn't sure who to follow or what to tweet about. With the added challenge of a 140-character limit I felt like I was learning a new language! As I became more and more engaged – and more users started following me – my confidence grew. After time and practice I'm now connected with medical educators from all over the world, and I recognize that Twitter offers an expansive network of professionals and colleagues at my fingertips for guidance and expertise. Since the first steps are often the hardest to take, I have compiled a few tips and tricks you can use to make the most of your Twitter presence as a medical educator.

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Embracing Networking at Harvard Macy Courses

Much has been said about Harvard Macy as a community of educators and leaders dedicated to transforming health care education. In addition to being a top course in research, teaching, and learning in health professions education, Harvard Macy is itself a community of practice, and thus a prime opportunity to grow your professional network. 

How can you enhance your networking while a Harvard Macy scholar? Here are 8 tips to consider: 

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Joining the HMI “System” - a Community of Learning

When Marg Hay, Monash University, and Holly Gooding, Harvard Medical School, asked me to write a blog post about my experience in the Harvard Macy Institute Systems Approach to Assessment in Health Professionals Education course, my immediate response was ‘of course, but why?’ The response was surprisingly simple. As a new scholar, I am now part of the Harvard Macy Institute community, and thus, my reflections are respected and valued.

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Frederick R Carrick

A brilliant post by Kristina ...

A brilliant post by Kristina who amazingly has charted the thoughts experienced by everyone in attendance. Why was she asked to... Read More
Thursday, 24 March 2016 9:09 PM
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