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Penner / Cary

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 Jack Penner is a medical student at Georgetown University with an interest in primary care, healthcare leadership, and medical education. He served as a coordinator of Georgetown’s Student Run Free Clinic at the DC General Homeless Shelter, where he created programs in youth mentorship and maternal health. His writing focuses on the medical student experience and helping fellow students develop into engaged, compassionate physicians.

 Margaret Cary, MD MBA MPH has never met a course she didn't want to take, and then share with others. Jack and Maggi are engaged in a coaching relationship, where she is likely learning more than Jack, her coaching client. She is a leadership and executive coach and consultant, CEO of www.thecarygroupglobal.com and adjunct faculty at Georgetown University School of Medicine, where she developed and teaches the course on reflective writing. During her long career in nearly every aspect she realized the most important part in any endeavor is the people. Technology is just technology.

Med Ed Pop Up Workshops

“Good morning! Coffee and snacks in the back. Before we get started – we’ve declared this a title free zone. That means no Mr., Mrs. or Dr. If you use a title, you’ll be donating $1 towards Georgetown’s student run free clinic for the homeless. The same goes for our speakers. We’re all in this together.” This was the welcoming message at our inaugural workshop committed to creating fulfilled medical students in a collaborative culture. We then jumped into interactive sessions on innovation, leadership, meditation, polarity thinking, medical metrics and coaching.

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