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What Can YOU Design?: Innovative Thinking in Medical Education

The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine annual conference was packed full of thought-provoking sessions, including an interesting discussion on Design Thinking.

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What every healthcare manager should ask before hopping on the integration bandwagon

It’s rare to read past a healthcare headline these days without encountering the word “integration” in some phrase or other, from vertical or horizontal integration; to clinical, economic or data integration. And the word’s ubiquity makes sense. Everything about U.S. healthcare is complex, from the problems it’s required to solve and the fragmented “system” through which care is funded and delivered, to the regulations intended to promote care quality, cost effectiveness and access. So it’s intuitive that industry managers pursuing ambitious goals would strive to get people, processes and resources working in alignment toward them. 

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We are all Leaders: What are you waiting for?

We are all leaders! Health care professionals, whether nurses, pharmacists, physicians, physical therapists, or others, are all leaders at different times. Health care is complex, and all of us must be humble enough to recognize that there are times when we should let someone else lead. While not all of us will take on formal leadership roles such as deans, department chiefs, or program directors, all of us will lead in some capacity. We will, at a minimum, lead our own clinical teams and, of course, our patients. Despite the fact that we are all going to be leaders, there remains a paucity of education dedicated to leadership development for entry level positions and, in particular, graduate medical education. While there are resources for those assuming titled leadership positions, for many who are leading on a daily basis there is a gap in leadership training. Moreover, we should not wait until people are put in positions of leadership to develop their leadership skills. This so-called accidental leadership (the leadership skills we learn simply by taking part in our jobs) development model needs to change.

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#HMIChat May 2018 on the Clinical Learning Environment


 The clinical learning environment (CLE) is a complex construct within which there are numerous components for consideration, measurement, assessment, and optimization. This month’s HMI chat on the CLE captured many different facets of this construct and there was excellent and exciting discussion amongst the contributors! Topics discussed included key components of, managing challenges within, and approaches to changing the CLE. There were a couple of themes that seemed to resonate throughout the discussion 

  • Interpersonal relationships are key when discussing the clinical learning environment
  • Physical spaces can potentially have an effect on interpersonal relationships and community
  • Engagement of all stakeholders, in particular learners and patients, is fundamental in the CLE QI process
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A millennial’s take on the Harvard Macy Institute Health Care Education 2.0 course

Based on my date of birth I am a millennial. Although I am in no way an expert, I grew up using technology and am comfortable utilizing it in my teaching. What more did I really need to know? Prior to taking the Harvard Macy Institute 2.0 course, a friend cynically asked me: What are you really going to learn from a technology education course? How to do a PowerPoint presentation? Do you really think you are going to get something out of it? Reflecting back on those words after finishing the course I would confidently answer: That, and much, much more. 

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My take on technology !

Hey all great post Ameera I just finished my technology online course at MGH master I was like What initially ! , later on I was... Read More
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