Harvard Macy Programs

The Harvard Macy Institute currently offers four continuing education programs each year in Boston, MA:

Program for Educators in Health Professions
Next Program: January 10-20 and May 16-20, 2016
Application Deadline: September 27, 2015
A Systems Approach to Assessment in Health Professions Education
Next Program: March 6-11, 2016
Application Deadline: November 18, 2015
Leading Innovations in Health Care & Education
Next Program: June 12-17, 2016
Application Deadline: February 21, 2016
Become a Digital Citizen - Technology in Health Care Education
Next Program: October 19-23, 2015
Application Deadline: July 15, 2015
Program for Post-Graduate Trainees: Future Academic Clinician-Educators


“As I look back at educational reform at Georgetown , it is with gratitude to the Harvard Macy Institute for assisting in more than a decade of sustained faculty development at our institution- for energizing and catalyzing change among key educators on the Georgetown faculty. Change has not only occurred because of the energy generated by nearly a dozen Harvard Macy alumni, it has been directed by those faculty members in collaboration with Harvard Macy alumni around the country and around the world.”

Stephen R. Mitchell, M.D., Dean for Medical Education, Georgetown University School of Medicine


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